The Shawarma Shack Crossover - Moon Knight episode 4
World Gone GeekApril 26, 2022x
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The Shawarma Shack Crossover - Moon Knight episode 4

This week we combined our newest show "Shawarma Shack" with "The Podcast is Real" in order to give both audiences a taste of each! So SPOILER ALERT! If you have not yet watched the fourth episode of Moon Knight on Disney+.... do that first!

The gang finally find the tomb of Ammit, only to find that undead Egyptian priests are taking out Harrow's men... Layla truly shows how AMAZING and badass she is... Steven makes the most astounding archaeological find in a century only to destroy it... and Marc finally reveals the truth about what happened to her father... all culminating in an ending that starts with a bang, ends in an asylum and introduces the most interesting Egyptian god yet!

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