Music Gone Geek (from World Gone Geek) - Trailer
Music Gone GeekSeptember 11, 202300:01:151.75 MB

Music Gone Geek (from World Gone Geek) - Trailer

Welcome to 'Music Gone Geek,' the podcast that takes you on a sonic journey through the unforgettable world of movie and TV soundtracks. Hosted by Jeff, aka Grounded Geek from World Gone Geek, each episode invites you to revisit the magic of your favorite films and shows through their iconic music.

Join Jeff and a roster of special guests as they explore the tunes that make moments unforgettable, from heart-pounding anthems to soul-stirring ballads. Dive into the stories behind the songs, the artists who brought them to life, and the cinematic experiences that left a lasting impact.

From classic rock to epic orchestral scores, 'Music Gone Geek' celebrates the melodies that define movie moments and TV magic. Whether you're a film buff, a TV fanatic, or just a music lover, this podcast will have you grooving to the beats that brought your favorite stories to life.

Tune in exclusively on Spotify and follow us on social networks @worldgonegeek for updates on upcoming episodes, guest announcements, and more. Get ready to relive the movies and shows you love through the power of music. Welcome to 'Music Gone Geek,' where every track is a trip down memory lane.