About Us

Our Approach

We love pop culture. We are geeks, admittedly. And we also love to make fun of ourselves. This site is where we collect the podcasts we are working on as well as some pop culture and geek news and information.  We love to hold up a mirror to our community and it’s always in good fun.


World Gone Geek Podcast Network

We are a collective of pop culture enthusiasts with passion for discussing the things we’re enthusiastic about. As a result, some of us have decided to channel our passions into podcasts that we share with you here. We hope you will find amazing content here that you can relate to and be entertained by… but most importantly that you can engage with.  Each of our podcasts has a Facebook page as well as a Twitter account, and we thrive on your feedback in order to make each show better and want to interact!

We are working on providing content on a regular basis and we are open to your ideas for new shows or programs that might find a home here at World Gone Geek.  We also share other podcasts who are “Friends” of a World Gone Geek!


Call for entries

If you have a funny idea for an article, we’d love to hear it!  We can either use your name as the byline or assign one of our satirical alter egos to it, but we’d be happy to share it with the world.  We currently are not seeking paid submissions, as we have no money. We just do this for fun at the moment. If we ever monetize the site, we may start looking at hiring real writers instead of manipulating our friends into being funny through intense guilt.