Racism has no place in a World Gone Geek

The Podcast is Real Episode 3:

The show is a little different this week… because so is the world we live in. Last week’s news was dominated by more important things than film updates, tv shows and comic book geekery. We couldn’t do the show this week without at least addressing it. So we brought back Chris G from “Blerds Eye View” and Michael “Knightmage” Wilson to discuss race in pop culture… and spend some time listening.

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Jeffrey “groundedGeek” Ford. @groundedGeek

Guest Hosts:

Yuta Hsu @kohyuta

Find him on YouTube at “Yuta and the Uke

Chris Gulley @gulleychris1

Find him on the podcast “Blerds Eye View

Michael “Knightmage” Wilson @knightmage

Also Find him on Facebook!

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