"Not Psycho Colonel Sanders!" - Moon Knight Episode 2
The Shawarma ShackApril 07, 2022x
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"Not Psycho Colonel Sanders!" - Moon Knight Episode 2

Spoiler Warning!

The second episode of the Marvel Cinematic Universe TV series Moon Knight has arrived! We get a LOT more Moon Knight in this episode as Steven begins to uncover more about Marc Spector during a reflective confab in Marc's storage locker and finally meeting the mysterious Layla before he's nabbed by Harrow's goons and brought to their compound for a nervous tête-à-tête with the increasingly sinister Harrow. There's another throw down with a spectral jackal where Steven and Marc argue about control of the body again, when Steven generates his own suit, introducing dapper Mr. Knight and giving Steven a chance to get a few licks in at the enemy of his own. It's a battle over the rooftops of London and then the dissociative duo must travel back to where it all began.

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