"I'm not a mercenary. No, I'm a gift shopist." - Moon Knight Episode 1
The Shawarma ShackMarch 31, 2022x
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"I'm not a mercenary. No, I'm a gift shopist." - Moon Knight Episode 1

Spoiler Warning!

The first episode of the Marvel Cinematic Universe TV series Moon Knight has arrived! We meet Steven Grant, mild mannered museum gift shopist and find out there is way more to him than the mild-mannered mensch we see. Unbeknownst to Steven, inside him lurks another identity as well as the voice of a mighty Egyptian god, Khonsu. When a sinister cult leader enters the picture with a snarling jackal-man minion... Steven must give in to his other identity in order for Khonsu's avatar Moon Knight can save the day.

Each week, the folks from World Gone Geek's "The Podcast is Real" will join forces with friends from around the nerdyverse to recap and review the latest episode of Moon Knight and speculate on the meanings, easter eggs and future of the episode.

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