PBS jump into premium streaming foray with PBSUltra with more mature content

Not to be outdone by CBS All Access or HBO, who recently launched HBOMax a partnership with Warner Bros., PBS has announced that they are ready to bring a brand new PBS experience to audiences everywhere. Dubbed PBSUltra, the new streamer will show classic episodes but also edgier, mature-rated reboots of This Old House, Joy of Painting and Antiques Roadshow… each taking a queue from CBS All Access, who did the same with The Twilight Zone.

“Clearly the answer to appeasing audiences today is to tap into the nostalgia by first gathering all their favorite things onto one network,” said Max Spatular, Executive in charge of programming for PBSUltra, “then making a brand new version, but peppering it with adult language and sexual situations to make it more ‘fresh. People are going to love our new Joy of Painting hosted by Samuel L Jackson.”

The press was treated to a preview of the new painting show featuring Jackson who, while painting a forest landscape, said “Look at all these happy F&%#n’ trees… these mo&^%&$#ers are so f&*^#n’ happy!”

No word on who is hosting the new PBSUltra version of This Old House, but word is they are circling a contract with Joe Pesci.

While HBO Max has a subscription price of $14.99 a month… PBSUltra will continue to rely on telethons and pledges from streaming subscribers to keep programming.

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