NoobMaster69 Revealed!

Marvel’s newest series set to debut, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, has been doing a lot of promotional work lately and some of our favorites have been the crossovers with Xbox Game Pass featuring none other than The Falcon himself, Anthony Mackie. The latest one features him in a retail location playing with a man who is clearly a fan of the superhero. After comparing some of the man’s adventures on screen with Sam Wilson’s on-screen adventures in the upcoming series, he finally reveals his gamertag to The Falcon…. NOOBMASTER69!

You may recall that was the gamertag of the player giving Thor fits online at the beginning of Avengers Endgame. Thor’s life was a bit in the pits at the time and he vowed vengeance into a headset Korg was using to play Fortnite against his new archenemy, one NoobMaster69, who apparently had called Korg a naughty name. Well now we have a face to put against Thor’s most hated nemesis since Thanos.

Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is set to debut this Friday March 19, 2021 on Disney+.