New Fan Petition Demands Fans Stop Making Petitions

Statistics confirm that petitions from geek fandoms are at an all-time high. New levels of fantitlement have prompted some fans to go to great lengths to demand their way with the creators they follow closely. With current petitions ranging from trying to force Disney to remake The Last Jedi to calls for Warner Bros. to retract their casting offer to Robert Pattinson to play The Batman in the upcoming film about the Dark Knight Detective. A new petition surfaced yesterday and is quickly gaining ground.

This new petition demands that fans stop making petitions. In fact, it has already succumbed to its own demands and retracted said petition, though the petitioner stands by their belief that these petitions are wholeheartedly ignored by anyone who has any say whatsoever and serve no purpose whatsoever in actually bringing about change. Said petitioner encourages fans to turn their ire onto more important causes that may actually get traction and make changes in the world around them. Like climate change, homelessness, health care improvements and eliminating pineapple as a pizza topping forever.

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