7 Reasons Venus De Milo is the Best Ninja Turtle

You think Mikey, Raph, Donnie and Leo are great? They can’t hold a candle to the Queen of Green. Here’s why she was a notch above the other sewer dwellers:

  1. She was trained to become a Shinobi master in China: Which is close to Japan, where Shinobi are actually from. So you know, must be better than from some rat in New York.
  2. Her training wasn’t weighed down by constantly eating heavy meals of only pizza: A balanced diet is key to ninja training.
  3. She can dream walk: Who doesn’t wish they could enter a spirit realm and force the souls of their friends back into their bodies, essentially ripping them from heaven to live in the hellish sewers of New York.
  4. Diversity: Come on, four male main characters and their male master. Try to be more inclusive, guys.
  5. Strongest swimmer of the group: I mean, she made it from New York to China somehow, right? I doubt any of the other four turtles could have done that.
  6. Only turtle who can fight using mystical orbs: I mean come on. They only trusted Donatello with a stick.
  7. She is the most ninja-like: She has stayed so well hidden in the shadows that no one has seen or heard her for 20 years. The other four turtles are on television or movies every week. Way to stay hidden, guys.

Clearly, Venus is the only turtle who can claim to be the best. I dare you to prove otherwise.