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The Podcast is Real

Join World Gone Geek founders Jeff (aka groundedGeek) and Yuta (aka kohuta) as they discuss, debate and review  the current doings in pop culture, film, television, comics, gaming and more with various guests, commentators and fan panels.

Coming in July 2019.


Fandom has changed... and not for the better. More and more fans have begun to make demands on the creators of their particular passion. Sometimes they take it too far. Jeff (aka groundedGeek) and Lou (aka Tbone) discuss this new trend of "fantitlement."

Coming July 2019

Wake Up Noble City

Join legendary broadcaster Tuck Thompkins (The Voice of Reason) on the AM NewsTalk radio program that keeps Noble Citizens abreast of what is going on in Noble City, a city overrun by superpowered heroes, villains and vigilantes. It's time to Wake Up Noble City.

Season One begins September 2019



World Gone Geek Podcast Network

We are a collective of pop culture enthusiasts with passion for discussing the things we're enthusiastic about. As a result, some of us have decided to channel our passions into podcasts that we share with you here. We hope you will find amazing content here that you can relate to and be entertained by... but most importantly that you can engage with.  Each of our podcasts has a Facebook page as well as a Twitter account, and we thrive on your feedback in order to make each show better and want to interact!

We are working on providing content on a regular basis and we are open to your ideas for new shows or programs that might find a home here at World Gone Geek.  Right now you can find our three forthcoming projects in progress, and there are others on the way!