DC UNIVERSE announces Martian Manhunter show for streaming service; cancels it before press conference over

In a record setting move completely overshadowing their recent cancellation of Swamp Thing after just one episode on their streaming platform, DC UNIVERSE has decided to trump that by holding a press conference today announcing the premiere of a series based on Martian Manhunter, and then cancelling it before the press conference was even over.

“We couldn’t be more excited to bring Martian Manhunter, a staple of the DC comic book universe, to TV screens,” said a spokesman for the streaming network, “and we are certain that fans are going to be absolutely thrilled with the show. We have already cast the inimitable Dennis Haysbert (24, Allstate Commercials) as the titular hero and he is with us today to help us celebrate.”

As Dennis Haysbert stepped onto the dais to thunderous applause, the spokesman waved him away and said, “Never mind. We’re cancelling the show. Have a great day everyone!”

There has been no further comment from the streaming service at this time.

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