Hey everyone! We have decided to do a fun twist on the traditional yearly reading challenge and we’d love to hear your unique takes on it shared in the comments. Most reading lists have a list of categories and your goal is to read as many books as you can, one from each category with sometimes one or two category cross-overs being allowed. We have enjoyed those kind of reading lists in the past, but wondered if we could add an extra challenge to it.  And it isn’t to see if you can read sitting upright with no back support in a window like the woman in the picture above.  Though if that’s your thing, have at it.

You can find the list linked below both in an image file that you can share socially as well as a PDF you can download and share. There are 52 categories in the list. If you read a book from every category individually you’d have read a book a week for an entire year. That’s a great challenge and obviously a challenging challenge, especially considering one of the categories involves a longer book than usual. But many people like to read that many books a year, and so to those people, we say take the challenge literally… read one book for every category.

Other folks just don’t have time to read that many books in a year. I’m with you. I absolutely love reading, but have very little time to devote to it. Oftentimes, my reading occurs just as I’m going to bed, and therefore takes me a bit longer as I continuously fall asleep in the middle of a chapter and then have to figure out where I am the next day, as I have inevitably dropped the book, or fallen asleep on top of it, or my wife has pried it from my fingers as I snored and put it on the bedside table, with no bookmark. It’s certainly not conducive to 52 books a year, though I’d love to nail that challenge someday. If you’re like me and want to have fun with a challenge, but reduce the number of books required… our reading challenge twist is to combine AS MANY CATEGORIES AS YOU CAN INTO ONE BOOK.

Maybe you can find one book that features a female protagonist, features animals prominently, is translated from a language other than your own, has a movie based on it, and is by an author the same age as you. That’s five categories in one book! Now, the way we have designed the categories, there is virtually no book that could possibly meet every single category in one fell swoop. We’ve done that purposefully so that you still have to read several books. Just the fact that there categories to read an eBook, a physical book and an audio book each, that’s going to end up being three books anyway… unless you want to really be cheeky and split your reading of one book across all three media… it’s still unlikely that you will match one book to all 52 categories. If you do, we want to hear about it. In fact, we are looking for your best “golf score” combination of categories. In other words… how FEW books can you find that combined meet all 52 categories? Share them in the comments below! We will feature some of the best choices in later blog posts and podcasts throughout the year.

Here’s the category list:

And here is a link to the PDF version for download:  World Gone Geek 2017 Reading List suitable for framing…

And for those who don’t want the instructions on the PDF, but just the straight list of categories (also easier to read, larger font):  World Gone Geek 2017 Reading List – larger font

So have at it! Share your progress with us throughout the year on our monthly Facebook recaps of the reading challenge. And share your reading lists of book recommendations based on the categories below.