Author: groundedGeek

2017 Oscar Predictions are here!

This Sunday the 89th Academy Awards takes place and the Oscars will be presented to the best out of Hollywood this year.  On the next World Gone Geek podcast, Jeff and Yuta will recap the Oscars and compare their picks, but we’re posting them today so that you can see what they’re predicting and hoping for before the big event.  Each of them picked the nominee they “want” to win versus the one they think “will” win.  Check out the predictions below, and let us know in the comments what you think!   Best Picture Should win:  Hacksaw Ridge...

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2017 World Gone Geek Reading Challenge

Hey everyone! We have decided to do a fun twist on the traditional yearly reading challenge and we’d love to hear your unique takes on it shared in the comments. Most reading lists have a list of categories and your goal is to read as many books as you can, one from each category with sometimes one or two category cross-overs being allowed. We have enjoyed those kind of reading lists in the past, but wondered if we could add an extra challenge to it.

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